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Latest Versions of Finedata Applications

You must have fully installed and registered copies of these programs in order to use these self-extracting files to update your existing version.

If you need a full version, or a trial version, contact at Finedata - details are in the 'Contacting Us' section of this website. If you only download these updates, without having a full installation, the applications will not function.
Time & Work In Progress Systems
EasyTime Version 1.01H Released 17/11/2004
Tender / Enquiry & Jobs Won! Systems
EasyEnquiry - Version 1.64G Released 20/04/2022
EasyEnquiry Modification History (1.09 - Present)
Workshop Management Systems
EasyWorks - Version 1.74 Released 20/05/2024
EasyWorks Modification History (1.42 - Present)
ActionScan - Version 1.00A Released 01/06/2010
ActionScan Modification History (1.00 - Present)
OpTech - Version 1.19D Released 06/02/2014
OpTech Modification History (1.00 - Present)
Garage Management Systems
KirkHill - Version 1.13O Released 04/06/2009
KirkHill Modification History (1.13M - Present)
Run-time Support Packages
VFP 9 SP1 Runtime Support Refresh Released 10/01/2006
Specialist Support Pacakges
RollStud - Version 1.07W Released 16/06/2021
RollStud Modification History (1.03I - Present)
Activity/Location Pricing Calculator
MICROBEE - Version 1.00D Released 18/07/2008
MicroBee Modification History
Print Shop Management Systems
Premier - Version 1.00G Released 15/07/2008
Premier Modification History (1.00F - Present)