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DocsPro - The Professional Document System

Built on our experience with EasyDoc, Finedata has developed a new system to accommodate projects that require a bit more sophistication that EasyDoc can offer - but do not need the complexity of DocElite.

Finedata has developed DocsPro to fill the need for a system which is comprehensive in its approach to the approvals process, but is still easy to learn and easy to use.

DocsPro manages document approval/review at the revision level, working with the 'Lead Reviewer' approach that DocSafe employs.

To find out a little more, and see some screenshots, about DocsPro click here.

To download and/or read an Acrobat PDF datasheet on DocsPro click here.

Like all Finedata applications, DocsPro is designed to run on low spec. equipment and is scalable. You can start a project from a laptop in the back of a van, move to an office with a small network and then, as the project runs down, either return to head office for archiving - or back to the van with the laptop.

DocsPro , just like EasyDoc, enables users to register the receipt of documents, issue them to the various people who need copies - printing a simple, clear, letter for each recipient - and producing a copying schedule for the various documents in their various sizes.

DocsPro has a number of reports designed not only to help with the distribution of documents, but also to manage the approvals process. Users can create letters to remind design team members about documents which haven't been returned yet.

DocsPro enables users to run more than one project from a single machine - thereby allowing users to work on two or more projects during the transition phase when they might be starting a new one whilst closing out an old one.

DocsPro has built-in support for common terms and expressions - which companies can use to ensure that procedures are followed across projects. For example a company might wish to use similar letters, or coding structures for documents and drawings.

DocsPro provides a straightforward upgrade path from EasyDoc.